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Academic Affairs Tracking Database

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This database contains information about academic programs, research units, and various administrative requests that have come before the Academic & Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents after. The purpose of this database is to inform viewers of the status of institutional requests and reporting requirements related to them; it is *not* the official record of Board actions.

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 Request TypeInstitution NameProgram/Unit Name or RequestActionDate
Select New Acad. Program L.S.U. A&M College GC in Climatology and Climate Control9/24/2015
Select New Acad. Program University of New Orleans MEd in Higher Education Administration 9/24/2015
Select New Acad. Program Southern University in New Orleans DSW9/24/2015
Select Center/Institute University of New Orleans Canizaro/Livingston Gulf States Center for Environmental Informatics9/24/2015
Select New D.L. Program Louisiana Tech University Various Teacher Education Programs9/24/2015
Select Termination McNeese State University GC in Counseling9/24/2015
Select New D.L. Program Northwestern State University BSW9/24/2015
Select Reconfiguration Southern University and A&M College BS in Computer Science9/24/2015
Select New Acad. Program Delgado Community College AAS in Instrumentation and Control8/26/2015
Select Letter of Intent L.S.U. A&M College MS in Agricultural and Extension Education8/26/2015
Select Letter of Intent L.S.U. A&M College DDes8/26/2015
Select New Acad. Program Northwestern State University BAS in Resource Management8/26/2015
Select New Acad. Program University of Louisiana at Monroe PBC in Mortgage Analytics8/26/2015
Select Reconfiguration L.S.U. A&M College MS and PhD in Nutrition and Food Sciences8/26/2015
Select Termination Grambling State University BSN8/26/2015
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RequestType New Acad. Program
Program/Unit Name or RequestGC in Climatology and Climate Control
BoardAction Approval
ActionText The Board of Regents granted approval of the Graduate Certificate in Climatology and Climate Control (40.0402) at Louisiana State University.
ActionDate 9/24/2015
Institution L.S.U. A&M College