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Academic Affairs Tracking Database

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This database contains information about academic programs, research units, and various administrative requests that have come before the Academic & Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents after. The purpose of this database is to inform viewers of the status of institutional requests and reporting requirements related to them; it is *not* the official record of Board actions.

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 Request TypeInstitution NameProgram/Unit Name or RequestActionDate
Select New Acad. Program L.S.U. A&M College PBC in Library Science8/1/2018
Select Name Change L.S.U. A&M College Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship and Information Systems3/20/2018
Select New Acad. Program L.S.U. at Alexandria BS in Chemistry3/20/2017
Select Letter of Intent Grambling State University Bachelor of General Studies3/20/2017
Select Center/Institute University of New Orleans Hospitality Research Center 3/20/2017
Select Center/Institute University of New Orleans Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences3/20/2017
Select Name Change University of Louisiana at Monroe MA/Communication2/24/2017
Select New Acad. Program L.S.U. A&M College BS Entrepreneurship 2/24/2017
Select New Acad. Program L.S.U. A&M College GC in Teaching Health Professions 2/24/2017
Select Reconfiguration L.S.U. A&M College MS, PhD/ Agricultural & Extension Education2/24/2017
Select Center/Institute McNeese State University Center for Advancement of Meat Production and Processing1/9/2017
Select New Acad. Program Louisiana Tech University GC in Cyber Education1/9/2017
Select Academic Program Review Northwestern State University EdD in Adult Learning and Development12/7/2016
Select New D.L. Program McNeese State University Teacher Education Programs12/7/2016
Select New Acad. Program L.S.U. at Alexandria BS in Health Professions12/7/2016
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RequestType New Acad. Program
Program/Unit Name or RequestPBC in Library Science
BoardAction Approval
ActionText BoR granted approval of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Library Science (25.0301) at Louisiana State University, with a progress report due by August 1, 2018.
ActionDate 8/1/2018
Institution L.S.U. A&M College

Conditions, Subsequent Action(s)
Condition/Stipulation Text On 03/20/2017: The BoR approved the PBC in Library Science at LSU, with a subsequent progress report due on August 1, 2018.
Deliverable Report
DueDate 8/1/2018
Status Unmet