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Academic Affairs Tracking Database

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This database contains information about academic programs, research units, and various administrative requests that have come before the Academic & Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents after. The purpose of this database is to inform viewers of the status of institutional requests and reporting requirements related to them; it is *not* the official record of Board actions.

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 Request TypeInstitution NameProgram/Unit Name or RequestActionDate
Select New Acad. Program South Louisiana Community College AAS in Helicopter Aviation8/24/2016
Select New Acad. Program Northwestern State University BS in Applied Microbiology8/24/2016
Select New Acad. Program University of Louisiana at Monroe PBC in Accounting Technology8/24/2016
Select New Acad. Program Louisiana Tech University GC in Orientation & Mobility8/24/2016
Select New Acad. Program Louisiana Tech University GC in Rehabilitation Teaching for the Blind8/24/2016
Select New D.L. Program Northwest LA Technical College Several Programs: Hybrid Delivery8/24/2016
Select Reconfiguration University of New Orleans Dept of English & Foreign Languages8/24/2016
Select Letter of Intent L.S.U. A&M College PhD, Biological Engineering (144501)6/29/2016
Select New Acad. Program Southeastern Louisiana University PBC, Sustainability (303301)6/29/2016
Select Termination McNeese State University PMC Kodaly Studies (in Music)6/29/2016
Select Termination University of Louisiana at Lafayette Health Informatics Center of Acadiana6/29/2016
Select Reconfiguration University of New Orleans CHART - Cntr for Hazards Assessment, Resp & Tech6/29/2016
Select Reconfiguration University of New Orleans CISE - Dept of Curric, Instr, & SpEd6/29/2016
Select Reconfiguration University of New Orleans Dept of History & Philosophy6/29/2016
Select Name Change University of New Orleans MFA, Film & Theatre6/29/2016
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RequestType New Acad. Program
Program/Unit Name or RequestAAS in Helicopter Aviation
BoardAction Conditional approval
ActionText The BoR granted conditional approval of the AAS in Helicopter Aviation(CIP 49.0101) at South Louisiana Community College.
ActionDate 8/24/2016
Institution South Louisiana Community College

Conditions, Subsequent Action(s)
Condition/Stipulation Text Update on program implementation, to include SACSCOC approval date, enrollment, progression, certification completers, status with the VA and FAA, and efforts toward AABI accreditation.
Deliverable Report
DueDate 1/5/2018
Status Unmet